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Who we are.  Ginga Media. An entrepreneur-ran product and content-development agency for the AI era.  

Stefani Longshamp

Alex Ragir is a technology entrepreneur, AI strategist and storyteller with over 20 years experience. As co-founder of Glimmer (formerly known as Storyhunter), Alex built the product and global freelancer network from zero to over 40,000 creatives and filmmakers  in 192+ countries. At Storyhunter, he helped companies such as Red Bull, CNN, Verizon, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Starbucks launch their digital video operations, driving 100M+ in revenue. Tasked with commercializing "Emotion AI" for Cognovi Labs, Alex began connecting the dots between AI, product and sales since the beginning of the AI Revolution. Before this, he was an international investigative journalist for Bloomberg News, winning "Best Reporter in Latin America in Any Medium" by Overseas Press Club of America.  When not working for Ginga, Alex likes to hike mountains and do standup comedy. 


Romke de Haan is a multi-disciplinary design, business, and technology entrepreneur with a drive to live a life of service. With 2 decades of experience working in technology and product strategy for Microsoft, Spreenkler and Razorfish, he joined Obama's White House as an innovation and technology strategist until becoming the director of business development for the Technology Transformation Services unit of the GSA. Since then, he's launched global startup incubators, national impact marketing campaigns and cyber security strategies for Fortune 50/500 companies, universities and the US Government as principal consultant at GuidePoint Security.  When not developing large-scale applications at Roostr, his custom development and IT management company, Romke likes to spend time with his kids and do pro-bono work for NGOs. 

Max Reinert
It's A Portuguese word

Ginga (noun)


pronunciation /ˈ(d)ʒɪŋɡə/


       a. The quick-witted, swaying movement in Brazilian Capoeira that allow for unpredictable attacks. 

       b. Any movement with free-flowing rhythm and grace. 


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